Booking and Contact


Email us at: voice[at]thevoiceoftheoctagon[dot]com

– OR –


We’re very happy to be contacted about booking, especially for engagements around the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can contact us with the above email address.

We play a mixture of live instruments and laptop based DJing. If your venue doesn’t permit live instruments, we can perform with DJing only.

Our performance requires a PA system. If your venue doesn’t have one, let us know in advance.

For connecting to the PA system, all of our sound goes through our audio interface. We prefer to go out from the audio interface to the PA with 2 (one set of stereo) 1/4 cables.

In terms of volume, since everything comes through our audio interface, we can play at a level appropriate to your venue. We can be cafe-quiet or dance-club-loud.